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    Why Aren’t You Fighting Dirty?

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    It was -18 in Hamburg this week. This is how I should have dressed.

    Whatever word you use for whatever it is you think we do… we’ve been called a lot of things before. Poisoner, abortionist, false-speaker, traitor, charlatan. At least two of our most celebrated professional ancestors have been spies for the Crown. Magic’s waters are murky and its sea lanes unguarded. So it strikes me that...

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    Updating Various Rants

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    That was a gooooood day. *Sigh.*

    A few things have come down the wires of late that speak to some of my pet rants. So here are a few weekend links to consume with your coffee. A rant-based link roundup. Why not? Let’s begin with my longest running whisky rant: That accidental ingestion of hallucinogens is the most likely trigger...

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    Be Honest About What Your Head Needs

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    One of the more interesting things that struck me about re-reading the Simonomicon oeuvre late last year was a throwaway comment relating to the first gate (of the moon). The gate of the moon -like Yesod- is the first one the seeker has to pass through. And the point Simon made was that most...

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