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    Exorcism On The Rise. Good Or Bad?

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    Taken in the chapel on Saint Michael's Mount in Cornwall. Powerful place, that.

    Apparently exorcisms are on the rise. And there is a worldwide exorcist shortage. This seems an unusual piece of news for the developed world in the twenty first century. At first glance, exorcism -along with no sex before marriage, literal creationism and the use of stoning to dish out punishment for minor civic infractions-...

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    Kids Summon The Darndest Things

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    Not that this is even the slightest bit unusual, but Jack’s recent EI post about locations in magic has got me thinking. More specifically, it has got me reminiscing. Reminiscing about one of my first rituals at the tender age of thirteen. It was a (Wiccan-ish) self-initiation my friend and I performed on top...

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    Why I Like Holy Places

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    St Nectan

    The lead photo for this post is one I took at St Nectan’s Kieve on a recent trip to Cornwall. It’s just down the road from Tintagel and is supposed to be the place where King Arthur baptised his Round Table knights. Obviously, a story like that is archaeologically inaccurate for a variety of...

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    Supermarket Spell Sweep

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    This comes up every now and again but I have some decidedly un-elitist views with regards to sourcing magical ingredients. Something Jason wrote the other day about McDonald’s salads got me thinking whether these magical views run contrary to my unabashed food elitism. And so I thought about this for a while and reached...

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    How To Get The Most Out Of Sacred Travel

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    Having lived a bunch of places in both hemispheres of the planet, I seem to have picked up a few tricks on how to do sacred travel well. As far as I’m concerned, sacred travel does not require me to pile into a thirty year old bus with a swarm of ancient hippies or...

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