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    Are You Publishing An Ebook In 2012? [Resources]

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    Reading too close can cause eye irritation and occasionally patriotic lasers

    It wouldn’t be the end of the year in media without a twitterstream clogged with trends, predictions and ‘Top 7′ lists. Probably the biggest one to impact the behaviours and aspirations of our magical internets is to do with publishing. Basically it’s fucked. Don’t argue. we have been here before a few times. But...

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    Your 2011 Magical Blogging Playbook

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    The next in the series of posts on gearing up for 2011 (one and two here) deals specifically with magical blogging. You see, I get to talk and think a lot (a lot) about blogging and digital strategy at work, so I’m in a fortunate position when it comes to making observations about where...

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    6 Unintended Side-Effects of Magical Blogging

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    Battle plans never survive first contact, as the old saying goes. I had my reasons for starting Rune Soup (which you can read through on the About page) but there have been a number of delightfully unexpected ways it has changed me: 1) New friends My best case scenario was ‘colleagues’. I’m a double-migrant....

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    A Magician’s Digital Toolkit

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    When I think about the all the tools and implements the classical or medieval sorcerer would fill his or her lab with, something occurs to me. There are no inherent magical advantages in any of them. Vellum, astrolabes, telescopes… These were the MacBook Pro’s and Blackberries of their day. An ideal classical sorcerer’s lab...

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