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    Collect The Little Victories Along The Way

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    Get to the big victories and you too can be immortalised on top of an extremely compensatory pillar

    Collecting the little victories along the way is good advice for any reasonably complex goal, of course, because the universe has an irritating habit of actually making you earn anything worth having. However it’s especially important for the Big Things like coping with grief or recovering from addiction. Spiritual illumination? Definitely a Big Thing....

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    Are You Practicing Golf Magic?

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    Unfortunately social services couldn't do anything to help this child.

    There are few things in this world that I hate. But I really hate golf. The only redeeming feature of golf is the club house and even then their drinks are too expensive. I’ll just wait for you in the carpark. Don’t worry, I brought my own wine. (Always bring your own wine.) Let’s...

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    Why Was Anna Sprengel German?

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    german castle

    I remember back in my teenage years when I started reading up on -and playing around with- the Golden Dawn system, wondering why Westcott chose to make Anna Sprengel a German. It just seemed like such an un-British thing to do. If you need to invent someone to provide a flimsy claim to antiquity...

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    How To Base A Religion On Oscar Wilde Quotes

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    The article I mentioned in What Wizards Taught Me has got me thinking… You could do worse than base a religion on Oscar Wilde quotes. Much, much worse. (Like, for an example, almost all organised religion.) It’s important to remember that the clever devil was getting around London and Europe at the same time...

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    Sorcery’s Next Top Model

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    Over at Strategic Sorcery, Jason posted about his frustration with the ‘model’ model. (Get it?) As ever, I am pretty much in complete agreement with him about their pitfalls and limitations. However, I think some of the people leaving comments may have missed what he is saying. They’re all making perfectly valid points but...

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