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    How God Is Like Antibiotics

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    Taken at Saint Michael's Mount in Cornwall last year

    Do you ever wonder what the historical precedent is for the magical internets? Try and cast your mind back to a time where sincere seekers from across the planet could come together to engage, swap ideas, benchmark and -every so often- go kinda completely insane. It’s the geographic diversity that potentially sets it apart...

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    Why Belief Is The Wrong Word To Use

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    The Renaissance Gallery at the V&A is one of my favourite places in West London

    Do you believe in magic? Please. If I ask you at the right time of day or in a room set to the right temperature you won’t even believe in racial equality. Ever wonder why it’s so difficult to articulate your beliefs? Because it’s like nailing vomit to a wall. Ask a black kid...

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    How To Grieve Remotely

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    There was a happy post planned for today but it might have to wait a bit. You see, my grandmother, the mother of my-mother-the-psychonaut, died last night. It wasn’t sudden, it wasn’t unexpected and it was certainly her time. But it’s still sad. And most of that obviously has to do with being on...

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