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    Eat A Prosperous 2012

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    The busiest Being in the multiverse right now. The busiest, grumpiest Being.

    Just having a look at Twitter, it seems we all haven’t clearly eaten enough over the last two weeks. So here are some food-based fortune suggestions to ring in a prosperous 2012! First, two points: One… a confession. I fucking hate New Years. Yes, that is as clichéd and obvious as saying “I really...

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    3 Steps To ‘Star Storm’ Proof Your Life

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    My cleaner has been away for a couple of weeks

    Chalking up some points in the spirit model column was the distinct sensation of certain “things” riding down from the Arctic into the UK during our pre-Christmas “Freeze”. To me they felt like ice demons (from here maybe?) being blown off course and making landfall right across the country when the UK’s oceanic defensive...

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    7 Steps To Your Own Risk Adventure

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    A dear school friend accompanied me on my recent trip to Nottingham. Through a series of ‘random’ coincidences, he has ended up as the general manager of a large event construction business within three years of graduating from university. On the other side of the world. Over five to six hundred beers in the...

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    The Trouble With Beginner’s Luck

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    Jow’s recent post about magical tendencies toward forming cliques has got me thinking about beginner’s luck. Why? Because entry into a group broadly follows what in marketing is called the purchase funnel. (Sometimes window.) You start wide and then you narrow in… And then eventually you commit to something. Be it an iPhone or...

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