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    How To Play A Wizard At Parties

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    We were all washing up after the Christmas Eve meal. (Have the ham on Christmas Eve, cook the turkey on Christmas Day and serve it with the leftover ham. Works every time.) Enough booze had flowed and enough Annie Lennox had been played that the atmosphere was convivial and the discussion loose. This year...

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    Be Honest About What Your Head Needs

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    One of the more interesting things that struck me about re-reading the Simonomicon oeuvre late last year was a throwaway comment relating to the first gate (of the moon). The gate of the moon -like Yesod- is the first one the seeker has to pass through. And the point Simon made was that most...

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    Memories Of Christchurch

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    Most of you won’t ever have been to Christchurch. I used to go there every second week. At fourteen I fell in love with the place from 30,000 feet up. Through cloud cover. At night. I didn’t fall in love with Christchurch because it was pretty or interesting -it is neither. But it is...

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    Do You Choose The Right Heroes?

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    You would think my last post was ‘the Halloween post’ but no. This is it. Because it has vampires and demons and death. Also because the main picture is a veritable sugar explosion. It started as I was absorbing something Deb wrote that has ultra relevance to where I am at right now. You...

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    How Spells Are Like Media Campaigns

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    An interesting article in the Telegraph caught my eye yesterday. Half of all Muslim men and three quarters of all Muslim women in Britain are unemployed. That’s a jaw dropping statistic. And you just know what’s going through going through the minds of the more bigoted sections of society as they read their “news“,...

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    Do You Know Where You Stand Tall?

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    Stand Tall

    Nothing like travel to make you think of home. Especially when you’re sitting in the Piazza della Signoria, drinking a beer as early evening turns to late evening and some kind of cover band starts belting out Simon and Garfunkel’s “Homeward Bound.” (Incidentally, a great song when you have been drinking in the sun...

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