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    (Space) Weather For Ducks

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    space weather title

    About twenty minutes out from my first ever emergency landing, I look over at my father with a fourteen year old’s need for reassurance. He looks serene. “Planes smaller than this fly into the eye of cyclones”, he says. My father is obviously doing the ‘head of the family’ thing, hoping his unruffled exterior...

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    How Important Is Authenticity In Magic?

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    Chaos magic has a complex relationship with authenticity. It was born out of the postmodern rejection of metanarratives, it has a love of simulacra, of proxy. It was midwived into existence by Maggie’s Harrowing of The North. From cities like Leeds it first emerged as a big, psychic middle finger to a society that...

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    What Wizards Taught Me: July 25

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    flying wizard1

    What a week! What a learning-filled, tumultuous, exciting week in these internetz. It’s like some kind of wacky, Aladdo-punk magic carpet ride. I think I have an image/app for that. Yep. I do. Now down to business. Talking Christianity was certainly the prevailing theme. In particular Evangelism… Which is a subject I genuinely learned...

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    Some Magic Videos For The Weekend

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    It’s gone from blisteringly hot at lunchtime to a rainy Saturday night. I’m not really bothered by this because lunch took till dinner time anyway and cost more than a hundred pounds each. Most of that was six hours of booze but at least some of it was also the fantastic view from the...

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    What Wizards Taught Me This Week

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    Suspicious wizard HP

    Here’s a new collection of more awesomeness that has washed up on the shores of the internets this past week. Phil Hine has an interesting anecdote about talismanic books Phil is one of my long-time favourite authors and this is a great perspective on the alleged differences between niche publishing and mass market. St...

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    Travel Reading: The Eternal Question

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    The trouble is I listen intently to too many people out there among the internets. And this enables one of my more benign but still expensive addictions. All of these books come highly recommended. Psyche recommends ‘Triumph of The Moon’ and Phil Hine recommends ‘The Anthropology of Magic’. (The other books come recommended from...

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    Is There Such A Thing As A ‘Lapsed Chaos Magician’?

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    Sleeping Wizard

    The trouble with a worldview based so heavily on ‘doing’ is… What happens when you stop doing? Let me explain. Chaos spells -quite rightly- deal overwhelmingly in practical effects. So, like voodoo or any other system of practical magic, they all broadly fall into the ‘SMP Group’: Sex Money Power Love, career, luck, prosperity,...

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