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    The Past Is As Weird As The Apocalypse

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    past apocalypse

    We are certainly living in interesting times. But it appears we have always lived in interesting times and that we have traditionally been pretty poor at recognising this. One has to wonder just how voluminous the evidence for a rewrite of the dominant narrative of civilisation has to be before we can drop the...

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    The Hamburg Conjecture: A 98:2 Magical Ratio

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    When my father came to visit recently for my birthday, the topic of his AIDS hospice work in the 1980s came up in conversation somehow. (To be clear, this wasn’t actually at the party because, you know… downer.) This was the terrifying dark ages of a genuinely horrible disease. A lot of medical professionals...

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    Magic Secrets As Taught By Robot Fish

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    Want to see what shoaling looks like? Proper shoaling, that is… the thing fish do. In this case, sticklebacks. Go and watch this video of scientists testing out whether a shoal of wild fish would follow an artificial leader. Of particular interest in the companion article is: Robofish moved faster than the real fish,...

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