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    The Magical Power Of Regret

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    "Non, je ne regrette rien!"

    Zoe would probably be very good at shoaling. She seems to have worked out what a ludicrous scam gym memberships really are. They’re sold at an obscenely high rate -especially in January- to people who somehow think shelling out every month for two years will miraculously drop them down three dress sizes. Yes, exercise...

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    Your One Perfect Day: How To Enchant For It

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    We like to joke about our dream existence where we live in a palace by the sea with scantily clad movie-stars and a private jet. Especially on bad days. But it’s not actually want we really want. Be honest. You’d get bored really quickly. Most people would. Magical folk -being more inclined toward seeking...

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    Use The Hidden Wisdom of Saint Pareto

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    Did I say saint? I meant strange Franco-Italian economist. But then, I did just recommend choosing your own saints. Vilfredo Pareto gives his name to the 80/20 rule after observing that 80% of Italy’s wealth was controlled by just 20% of its population. These numbers are the same today for pretty much anywhere in...

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    What Wizards Taught Me: August 15

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    girl wizard1

    So I have been putting some strategy documents together for a British Lord this week. It’s been that kinda time. This means I’m one post behind -which really annoys me because it means until tomorrow two WWTM will show up at the same time on the homepage. They’re like never-ending telltale hearts. Except much...

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    Spell Casting Lessons From The Movie Biz

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    There is a little trick I picked up in film school that has found many, many applications in my life beyond merely breaking writer’s block… Which was the reason I was initially taught it. I am going to share the trick with you but it strikes me that there are actually numerous parallels between...

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