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    Real Life Magic Artefacts: The Lothar Crystal

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    Bling seemed more bling back then

    It sounds like a Buffy prop, doesn’t it? But no, it’s real, just like the Warren Cup. However it’s considerably younger. It was made in the mid-800s in Germany (which may explain its craftsmanship and longevity?) No one knows precisely why it was made but we can make an educated guess as to for...

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    Real Life Magic Artefacts: The Warren Cup

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    It's weird the sex toys that haven't lasted through the ages. Not the handle, the voluminous cum rag

    Did you know that there is an actual black grail? A physical object from antiquity that the was banned from entering a terrified America as late as 1953? (It was turned away from New York for being too controversial. Joke’s on whoever made that call.) Did you know that it was only publicly displayed...

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