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    Further Publishing Resources For The Occult Cyborg

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    There's off-brand and then there's off off-brand

    More people searched for the term “Kindle” than “iPad” both before and after Christmas. That never happens. It’s supposed to go “iPhone, iPad, world peace, a different baby sister that maybe isn’t so annoying, everything else.” Via search trends, twitter and such, the sentiment of entire nations is available for you to measure for...

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    7 Steps To Your Own Risk Adventure

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    A dear school friend accompanied me on my recent trip to Nottingham. Through a series of ‘random’ coincidences, he has ended up as the general manager of a large event construction business within three years of graduating from university. On the other side of the world. Over five to six hundred beers in the...

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    Things I Like

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    Now, I’m not going to say the idea for this post is ‘stolen’. I’m going to use the more copyright-friendly idea of ‘inspired by’. But really, it is stolen. Stolen from the wondrous Domestic Witch who was kind enough to mention my little ol’ blog in a post that is essentially exactly the same...

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