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    Luminous Beings Can Build Dinosaurs

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    History Channel documentary, South Park style

    Our meat suits can seem really frustrating at times. The behaviour of other people’s meat suits can apparently collapse Europe into another pre-war economic superstorm that has a tendency to give rise to violent dictators. Too often our silly little monkey brains can get tripped up with conflated words or prejudices even when the...

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    Magic Secrets As Taught By Robot Fish

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    Want to see what shoaling looks like? Proper shoaling, that is… the thing fish do. In this case, sticklebacks. Go and watch this video of scientists testing out whether a shoal of wild fish would follow an artificial leader. Of particular interest in the companion article is: Robofish moved faster than the real fish,...

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    10 Universal Sigils To Bulk Out Your Shoal

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    Never saw The Sorcerer's Apprentice... Anyone know if it's worth a watch?

    There is a very specific reason for deploying multiple sigils at once: You’re playing tricks on your brain. It’s an extremely effective way of removing result lust. Take it from me, it’s much easier to detach from what each symbol means when there is more than one of them sitting in front of you....

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    Sigilize Your Letters To Santa Today

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    As mentioned in the previous post, today is St Nicholas Day. Obviously, the contemporary egregore we know as Santa is a bizarre hybrid of  a Levantine saint, various nature spirits, the devil, a Coca Cola advertising campaign and the broken dreams of countless millions of children. Despite being a supremely powerful creation, he’s more...

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    How Spells Are Like Media Campaigns

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    An interesting article in the Telegraph caught my eye yesterday. Half of all Muslim men and three quarters of all Muslim women in Britain are unemployed. That’s a jaw dropping statistic. And you just know what’s going through going through the minds of the more bigoted sections of society as they read their “news“,...

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    The Dangers of Results-Based Magic

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    I’m calling this my Turin Revelation. It would be wonderful to call it my Turin Working but the only ‘work’ I did was a bit of Jasonian ‘Pillar and Spheres’ by the Po River immediately followed by three Camparis. Not exactly buying a country house at the end of Loch Ness. Also, Jasonian is...

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