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    Your True Market Value

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    That's MMTP in the middle of a Florentine market. She's a tiny, tiny person.

    The New Orleans Voodo Tarot deck’s depiction of the Wheel of Fortune card is probably my favourite: A transdimensional market modelled on an ancien régime city market provides more useful mental models to comprehend and overcome the vicissitudes of corporeal existence. To me, the market is a better entry point into the meaning of...

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    The Hamburg Conjecture: A 98:2 Magical Ratio

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    When my father came to visit recently for my birthday, the topic of his AIDS hospice work in the 1980s came up in conversation somehow. (To be clear, this wasn’t actually at the party because, you know… downer.) This was the terrifying dark ages of a genuinely horrible disease. A lot of medical professionals...

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    3 Steps To ‘Star Storm’ Proof Your Life

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    My cleaner has been away for a couple of weeks

    Chalking up some points in the spirit model column was the distinct sensation of certain “things” riding down from the Arctic into the UK during our pre-Christmas “Freeze”. To me they felt like ice demons (from here maybe?) being blown off course and making landfall right across the country when the UK’s oceanic defensive...

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