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    Use Nested Divinations To Improve Accuracy

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    Torino. Home of Lo Scarabeo and a good town to boot. Best Negroni of my life there.

    Blame the wonderful Balthazar and the addictiveness of Amazon Prime in equal measure. There’s a Lovecraftian Tarot deck that’s actually good and I don’t own it?! (Already have and like this one.) Plus it’s a Lo Scarabeo production whose aesthetic I adore? Well, this won’t do! So I promptly bought and calibrated the Dark...

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    Your True Market Value

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    That's MMTP in the middle of a Florentine market. She's a tiny, tiny person.

    The New Orleans Voodo Tarot deck’s depiction of the Wheel of Fortune card is probably my favourite: A transdimensional market modelled on an ancien régime city market provides more useful mental models to comprehend and overcome the vicissitudes of corporeal existence. To me, the market is a better entry point into the meaning of...

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    Have You Done Your Monthly Forecast?

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    And there goes July. This weekend is the time to review your previous monthly forecast and create a new one. As far as mine is concerned: My guess was good on work stuff but way off in everything else. The stars won it again. The cards were broadly accurate but late by a week....

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    How Card Readings Are Like Haircuts

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    Elvis Presley

    There are two reasons why you probably don’t cut your own hair. Dignity. The inability to see the back of your own head. It’s exceedingly difficult to form an accurate assessment of your own physical form, to say nothing of your psychological self. Here’s the next list. When you perform a card reading, either...

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    5 Steps To A Good Monthly Forecast

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    July, huh? Holy crap. Who let that happen so fast? No matter, I’ve quite enjoyed these last three month beginnings because I have been experimenting with a little forecasting. The idea came to me because my previous employer was obsessed with forecasting and reforecasting. There was the annual forecast, the quarterly forecast, the annual...

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    How To Calibrate Your Oracle

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    My first ever Tarot deck -and one that I still use fairly often- was the Arthurian Tarot. The deck came to mind as I sat in the Place Des Vosges on the weekend with my latest divinatory toy, the Sibilla Oracle. (Specifically the Scarabeo ones as per Jason’s description. The different versions had always...

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