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    A Visit To Tolkien’s Grave

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    My father has two favourite stories about me growing up, both from around my sixth or seventh year. And by favourite I mean two thirds of all the stories he tells about me as a child. (The other being the time I harassed an unfamiliar woman in the supermarket for buying cigarettes.) The first...

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    Warning: Fanboy Magic

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    I have exactly 666 comments on this blog. Fittingly (?), lucky number 666 was Psyche and her comment on my last post was one of the more helpful ones I have received. But in honour of the number 666 I thought I might post something about Crowley. Except, to talk about Crowley, I have...

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    The Tolkien View of Destiny

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    I want to pick up on something Jack discussed that I didn’t get to cover in my previous post. It’s to do with destiny and the will of the gods. He quotes Crowley as writing “it is impossible to perform the simplest act when the Gods say no.” We have all experienced this. Sometimes...

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    The Importance Of Personal Cosmograms

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    Sympathetic Magic

    I first encountered the idea of the personal cosmogram in my final year at university. In that case it was used as an analytical tool to understand the ontology of something by examining the influence of place. I remember thinking that it has very obvious magical applications. (Not surprising given that the term comes...

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