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    Have Your Own Festival Of Festivals

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    In the Palazzo Medici. The ceiling is a veritable deitypalooza

    Let me start this post by insisting you all go and subscribe to Devi’s newsletter. I just got the December issue and it’s fantastic. Something in it triggered a plan… An ambitious plan. Like most of you, this is one of my favourite times of year. And even though I’m insanely busy it occurs...

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    Do You Know Where You Stand Tall?

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    Stand Tall

    Nothing like travel to make you think of home. Especially when you’re sitting in the Piazza della Signoria, drinking a beer as early evening turns to late evening and some kind of cover band starts belting out Simon and Garfunkel’s “Homeward Bound.” (Incidentally, a great song when you have been drinking in the sun...

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    How Wild Speculation Can Be Useful

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    Today was the second conference I have been to in two weeks where the topics discussed were so unbelievably above my head that I felt like a complete imposter. I started to fantasize that the speaker would stop what she was saying and stare at me until I left. Thankfully, she didn’t do that....

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    Why You Need A Bucket List

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    On the surface it might seem like a bit of a jump between doing my weekly online shop and precisely why you need a bucket list but go with me on it. 1) Structuring one part of your life structures the rest I live in Zone 2 and work in central London. This means...

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    Supermarket Spell Sweep

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    This comes up every now and again but I have some decidedly un-elitist views with regards to sourcing magical ingredients. Something Jason wrote the other day about McDonald’s salads got me thinking whether these magical views run contrary to my unabashed food elitism. And so I thought about this for a while and reached...

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    Feast of The Larvae: A DIY Pagan Festival

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    This year I have resolved to explore more than the ‘vanilla range’ of Pagan festivals. As I mentioned earlier, I am also interested in finding ways to secularise; or at least; ‘de-ritualise’ a lot of Pagan customs. And tomorrow is the Ancient Roman Feast of the Larvae. Which itself is part of the festival...

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    Is There Such A Thing As A ‘Lapsed Chaos Magician’?

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    Sleeping Wizard

    The trouble with a worldview based so heavily on ‘doing’ is… What happens when you stop doing? Let me explain. Chaos spells -quite rightly- deal overwhelmingly in practical effects. So, like voodoo or any other system of practical magic, they all broadly fall into the ‘SMP Group’: Sex Money Power Love, career, luck, prosperity,...

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